Teacher & Staff Year-End Gifts

Dear Families of St. Simon,
We hope that you are all staying safe and healthy!
We have been incredibly blessed with the way our St. Simon Faculty and Staff managed to organize our school operations so it can remain open for both in-person and distance learners. Their willingness to come to work under these circumstances and at the same time provide on-line education for distance learners sounds incredibly complicated and difficult to manage. Yet, they are doing it with a smile! 
With holidays approaching, we have an opportunity to express our gratitude to the St. Simon Faculty and Support Staff by contributing to a group gift! 
Let’s join together as a school to show them our appreciation of their hard work during these challenging times for all of us.
Giving a Christmas gift is completely optional. You are welcome to give an individual gift to your teacher, or to participate in a group gift. If you choose to give an individual gift, please remember our classroom aides, specialty teachers and support staff who are also working to make Saint Simon a wonderful place for our students. 
The list of specialty teachers and support staff can be found in the school directory.
It will take some time to purchase the gift cards, package them nicely, and distribute them to our teachers, administration and staff.  
Contributions must be received by Thursday, December 10th at midnight. 
For questions please contact Marina Knezevich at (650) 933- 3341,  marinaskn@gmail.com   or Ana Agan at (714) 608-5687, anaoa@pacbell.net.  
Thank you for your generosity and support of our faculty and staff at Saint Simon!
Ana & Marina