October 25, 2019

Join us for the school’s ONLY fundraising event of the year! During school hours, students will ROCK around our campus to music, earning prizes, raising money and celebrating our school!  Donate online below.

The Rock-a-Thon raises money for the St. Simon Parish Endowment for Tuition Assistance. This endowment was established to make it possible for more families to experience the important academic and Catholic benefits of our parish school. Let’s make this happen!


Thank you family & friends for your donation in support of this event. If you sponsor a student, it goes toward their fundraising total making them eligible for prizes. Our classmates thank you in advance for your support!

CORPORATE MATCH:  We greatly appreciate your donation.  Please consider asking your employer to match your donation. Many employer matching programs can double or even triple your contribution; please check to see if your employer matches you donation.  Upon making a donation on the form below, you will receive an emailed receipt. Most employers will accept this receipt to process their match. If you provide us with an email or receipt from your company confirming the match is forthcoming, then your corporate match will be added to your student’s tally and improve their chances to win prizes!   Please send your proof of corporate match to Brenda Nemzek at, or to

Thank you for your generous donation and for supporting St. Simon Parish School. Go Saints!