Yes, we have a uniform! The specifics are in the parent/student handbook in Schoology, but here are some photos to show how the uniform evolves as the students get older.  Uniform items can be purchased at Merry Mart Uniforms and Lands’ End.   Merry Mart carries all of the uniform pieces.  Land’s End  carries the grey polo with the logo, and many of the non-logo items including blouses, polos, pants, and shorts.

Our Logos

Example Uniforms

Preschool & Kinder
Plaid Day Uniform (Graham jumper option)
K-5 Girls Uniform with Blue Skort
1st-4th Girls Uniform
Plaid Day Pinafore (Graham plaid jumper)
(Sweater Required)
boy uniform shorts
Boys Uniform
with Blue Shorts
boys uniform plaidday
Boys Uniform
For Plaid Day
Boys & Girls
P.E. Uniform
5th-8th Girls Uniform
For Plaid Day (skirt)
(Graham plaid skirt)
Middle School Boys & Girls Uniform with Middle School Sweatshirt

Middle school sweatshirt orders take 4 to 6 weeks from the order deadline to be produced.  They are produced in batches and have to be ordered by the specified date. The orders dates for 2024-2025:

June 30, 2024
September 13, 2024
January 17, 2025
March 25, 2025

Uniform Socks

Crew socks can be white or black. Girls have the option of white or black knee-highs or tights for regular and plaid dress days.

Little Saints Uniform

At Little Saints Preschool we do not require, but highly encourage, uniforms for each child for ease and safety.  It generally simplifies your morning, and on our campus we can identify the child as one of our Saints. At Little Saints, we are flexible in the choice of uniform your child wishes to wear.  The elementary school has a regular, plaid (formal) and P.E. uniform and you may choose from these combinations as suits your child.  

Blue pants or shorts (including P.E. shorts) for both boys and girls.  A jumper or skorts for girls and grey or white polo tops or t-shirt is acceptable.  There is also a P.E. uniform which has a hooded or crew neck sweatshirt, shorts, sweatpants and a t-shirt.   Shoes should be closed toe and safe for running and climbing.

We strongly suggest that all items that are removable by the child, such as sweaters, cardigans and jackets, be labeled. Many items are lost each year because we cannot match the child to the clothing. The spare clothes that you leave at school for your child do not need to be a uniform.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.