Health and Wellness

In addition to academics and extracurricular activities, there are a lot of dynamics at play during the day. Our goal is to provide a healthy balance of resources and activities, allowing students to thrive emotionally and socially every day they are on campus.

Resources & Activities


Physical education is an important component of our students’ physical and emotional development. Teamwork and sportsmanship are taught in the context of athletic skill development.

Active Before
the Bell

Thursday mornings, we start the day with our Get Active Program. For 30 minutes before school, students walk a circuit around the campus. The benefits of this program extend well into the day. Teachers report that students are more attentive and engaged in classroom discussion.

Creating a Caring Majority

Our philosophy is simple - treat others with respect and act in a compassionate manner. We have a faculty directed SAINTS initiative, which builds the opportunity to discuss and be rewarded for kindness and compassion into our daily routines. Our program provides lessons that assist in creating a “caring majority” by building knowledge and skills in students and facilitating a positive school climate.


Other resources available to students are the 1:1 Counseling Services and on-campus Health Office.