Service, Spirituality & Leadership

Service to others is a central theme of our Catholic faith and is an integral part of our curriculum. We foster community outreach and service beginning in Kindergarten and instill a commitment to service in our students.

Service & Spirituality

Service Hours

Every year Saint Simon students donate over 3,500 hours of independent service. Our Program combines opportunities for service learning and community outreach within the curriculum and independently. Our unique Service Learning Program is focused on two key priorities: caring for the environment and caring for the hungry and those living in poverty. Service projects are built into the curriculum. On specific days throughout the year, teams of students (called “families”) work together on school-wide service projects for St Vincent DePaul, the Kinship Center and Catholic Relief Services. These projects combine learning, action and reflection. Students in sixth through eighth grade complete independent service hours. They can select the projects and organizations that are meaningful to them:
Sixth grade - 10 hours
Seventh grade - 15 hours
Eighth grade - 20 hours

Spiritual Traditions

The entire student body and faculty attend Mass weekly on Wednesdays. Each class takes a turn leading the Mass. We celebrate All Saints Day with a parade of our first graders dressed as their chosen Saint. At Thanksgiving, we have a prayer ceremony and count our many blessings. The seventh grade leads the students in the Rosary. In May, we honor Mary with a traditional May Procession ceremony. The entire student body actively participates in this beautiful ceremony, creating a magnificent bouquet of flowers and placing a crown of flowers upon Mary’s head.

Catholic Sacraments

Second grade is a special year at Saint Simon. We invite our second graders to share in the Sacrament of First Eucharist and First Reconciliation.
As our students grow and mature, they continue their spiritual growth in eighth grade by preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation. The Bishop celebrates this sacred sacrament with our Parish community in the spring.

Every day at Saint Simon, students are provided with opportunities to work cooperatively with others, accept responsibility for their actions and take a stand for what is right and just.


Student Council

Saint Simon School has an active Student Council consisting of ten officers from 7th and 8th grade. Representatives from student council gain leadership skills influencing student affairs, public speaking, and planning school-wide activities.

Classroom Ambassadors

Exceptional students who consistently reflect Saint Simon values are selected to act as Classroom Ambassadors. These students help lead tours of campus and answer questions for prospective parents.

Buddy Program

As students mature and grow in responsibility, they step into leadership roles that allow them to model the values they have learned at Saint Simon. Eighth graders partner with first graders to form a special bond in our Buddy Program. There are monthly activities where the students work together and have fun!