Community at Saint Simon

Saint Simon will quickly become “home” for your child - a place where they feel comfortable asking questions, engaging with teachers and having fun with friends. As part of the daily routine at Saint Simon, students come together to in small ways throughout the day and over the course of the year, to support each other and develop a sense of belonging to a greater community.
Daily Routines

School Starts – 7:55 am (late at 7:55.01)

Warning Bell – 7:52 am

School Ends Gr. K-3 – 2:55

School Ends Gr. 4-8 – 3:05

*Wednesdays 12:25/12:30 dismissal

Our students in Grades 1-8 start every day with a school-wide assembly. Led by members of our Student Council, students gather in front of the school, joined in prayer, song, pledge of allegiance and general announcements. It’s our way of building community among our students, faculty and administration. Student accomplishments and birthdays are highlighted to help students feel connected to each other.

Monthly Traditions

In addition to fostering the individual spirituality and growth of each student, our school community comes together twice a month to strengthen our faith in song and prayer, celebrating Mass. Fifth graders lead the school in song and students rotate responsibility for participating in the liturgical celebration.

Parish Community Events

As a Parish School, we belong to the vibrant community of Saint Simon Parish. The Parish hosts a variety of special events and spiritual enrichments that our families support and participate in such as the Parish BBQ, Monster Mash, and Saint Patrick’s Day party. Please visit our Special Events page for more details.

School Wide

We have a proud tradition of school spirit at Saint Simon. Thunderous rounds of cheers fill the gym for sports and school-wide events throughout the year. Student talents are celebrated at school rallies, Rock-a-thon, Talent Show, Spelling Bee, Geography Bee and Christmas Performance, generating excitement and school pride.