Preschool-Building the Skills for School

We are delighted that you are considering Saint Simon Parish School's preschool and pre-kindergarten program. We offer a structured program of play-based skill-building and kindergarten preparation. In addition to our own credentialed staff, we are able to enrich the childrens’ experience with courses provided by our elementary teachers.

Our curriculum follows our elementary program and is modified to provide play-based learning and meet the needs of our younger students.
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Curriculum Overview

Language Arts

Reading, handwriting, alphabet are instructed at learning stations and throughout the curriculum. The children have a weekly field trip to our school library where they are introduced to the world of books in the library and read a story by our librarian.


Our young learners start the day with a calendar, the sequencing of the days events, their birthdays and at learning stations discover counting and the number line.


We are a Catholic school and teach our children that they are loved by God and the values of human dignity, compassion and kindness.


As in our elementary instruction, we are learning about our physical world - the weather, the earth, our food and our environment. We use experimentation to teach the fundamentals of the scientific process including forming a hypothesis, performing experiments including trial and failure.

Social Science

In preschool we are focused on learning about our world. Using imaginary play, we teach about our neighborhood, the people that help us, holiday traditions and how we are different and the same as each other.

Foreign language (Spanish)

Our Spanish curriculum is not formalized but introduced by our instructor in our review of letters, numbers and daily routines.


Art in all its forms is part of our day. The fine motor skills and creative thinking provided by art are critical to kindergarten readiness.

Physical Education

Exercise and physical play are good for the body and mind and provide wonderful opportunities of learning self-moderation. A gift of having an elementary school is a weekly physical education class instructed by our elementary PE teacher.


A formal music lesson is provided each week by our elementary music teacher who introduces instruments, beat, vocals and more. We sing all day at LIttle Saints as music provides a wonderful way to memorize and motivate.


A typical day at Little Saints is a mix of play and academics enhanced with enrichment learning opportunities

Morning Circle Time 

Learning Stations


Enrichment Class


Quiet time

Play based activities

After care


We have many special events to build a community for our families and our children.  Here are a few of the opportunities that bring us together as school families. 

Summer park playdates

Pop up Play Time

Family Movie Nights

Spring Carnival

Mother/Father/Guardian Celebrations


We are a family at Saint Simon. When we say we are partners in your child’s education we put those words into action by providing a variety of opportunities for you to participate in our classrooms, in our community and in the direction of our school. You will receive information on events in our classrooms, Parish and our School Community Council for you to participate in. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us to share your talents.


Children from our Little Saints Preschool, that meet the kindergarten readiness and entry requirements, receive priority enrollment in our kindergarten program.


Our students may order a hot lunch from our Taste Nutrition program at the elementary school and that is delivered each day. We provide a morning and afternoon healthy snack.


Our preschool serves children from 2.5 years of age to entering kindergarten.  

Children must be toilet trained before being enrolled in the program. 


We provide care for students from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm surrounding regular program. Click here for the fees and schedule.


We have a certified facility with a secure play area, trikes, playground. We provide outings to the elementary school each week for library.


The preschool maintains a ratio of 1:12.


At Little Saints Preschool we do not require, but highly encourage uniforms for each child for ease and safety.  It generally simplifies your morning, and on our campus, we can identify the child as one of our Saints. At Little Saints, we are flexible in the choice of uniform your child wishes to wear.  The elementary school has a regular, plaid (formal) and PE uniform and you may choose from these combinations as suits your child.  

 Blue pants or shorts (including pe shorts) for both boys and girls.  A jumper or skorts for girls and grey or white polo tops or t-shirt is acceptable.  There is also a PE uniform that has a hooded or crew neck sweatshirt, shorts, sweatpants, and a t-shirt.   Shoes should be closed-toe and safe for running and climbing.

All items that are removable by the child, such as sweaters, cardigans, and jackets should be labeled. Many are lost because we can’t match the child to the sweater. The spare clothes that you leave at school for your child, do not need to be a uniform.

Preschool Sessions

AM Session
(8:15 am - 12)
Standard Session
(8:15 am - 3:00 pm)
Full-Day Session
(7:30 am - 5:30 pm)
2-day (T/Th)2-day (T/Th)2-day (T/Th)
3-day (T/W/Th)3-day (T/W/Th)3-day (T/W/Th)
3-day (M/W/F)3-day (M/W/F)3-day (M/W/F)
5-day (M-F)5-day (M-F)5-day (M-F)

Pre-K Sessions

AM Session
(8:15 am - 12)
Standard Session
(8:15 am - 3:00 pm)
Full-Day Session
(7:30 am - 5:30 pm)
3-day (T/W/Th)3-day (T/W/Th)3-day (T/W/Th)
3-day (M/W/F)3-day (M/W/F)3-day (M/W/F)
5-day (M-F)5-day (M-F)5-day (M-F)