Kindergarten-The Beginning of Scholastic Studies

Welcome to the first big step into your child’s journey into scholastic life. Our kindergarten program helps students develop the skills and knowledge to achieve success academically and socially in elementary school. Teachers work to meet each child's needs and abilities and are supported by the reading and learning specialist as needed.

Curriculum Overview

Language Arts

Kindergarten is focused on the basics of reading and writing. Students use grade level phonics and word analysis. Students discuss key ideas and details for literature and start writing short opinions, narratives and explanatory texts.


Students learn number names, the count sequence, and count the number of objects and compare numbers. Kindergarteners practice adding and taking away and gain the basics of place value. Students master the names of shapes and learn to create the fundamental shapes.


Kindergarteners learn to recognize God as a loving creator of all things. Students begin to identify and enjoy God’s creation and create an awareness that we are all members of God’s family.


Kindergarten science focuses on scientific foundations such as forces and the interactions of motions like pushes and pulls. The gardens provide a chance to understand the earth systems, weather, and how food is grown.

Social Science

Students learn how to be a good citizen through examples of honesty, courage and determination. We learn about our community and helpers. There is a focus on recognizing national and state symbols and how to use maps, globes and understand traffic symbols.

Foreign Language (Spanish)

Our Spanish instructor follows our curriculum with teaching the basics of numbers, letters, and colors, calendars and days of the week.


Art is critical to fine motor development and supports every subject. Kindergarten also has an hour a week of formal art instruction with our art teacher in our art room.

Physical Education

PE class is twice a week with our PE teacher who is focused on the physical skills needed to build both the body and the mind. Students identify locomotor skills by learning to jump, hop, skip, gallop, slide, walk, and run . Kindergarteners learn the relationship of under, over, behind, next to, and through.


Formal music lessons are provided each week by our music teacher who introduces instruments, beat, vocals and more. Singing and rhythm are used everyday to help reinforce concepts and support memorization.

Service Learning

Food collection for the homeless
Placemats for senior lunch
Cards for Saint Simon Parishioners
Giving Tree/Rice Bowl

Field Trips

Hidden Villa
Theater Works
Lemos Pumpkin patch


Two dedicated kindergarten classrooms specially designed to meet the needs of our younger students 

Self-contained facility that provides separate restrooms for boys and girls 

Play area directly outside of their classroom.

Special schedule that offers priority access to the campus playground facilities each day

Take a look at one of our classrooms!


We are a family at Saint Simon.  When we say we are partners in your child’s education we put those words into action by providing a variety of opportunities for you to participate in our classrooms, in our community and in the direction of our school.  You will receive information on events in our classrooms, Parish and our School Community Council for you to participate in. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us to share your talents.


All of our students are given the opportunity to lead in various ways.  Each class is in charge of a Mass and students are asked to participate in reading and serving.  The classrooms have jobs and responsibilities that require stepping into leadership. Classrooms also  have ambassadors that greet visitors or host new students. To learn more click here


Each classroom is staffed by a full-time credentialed teacher and an aide 

Currently approximately 20 per class with a maximum of 30

9:1 ratio (12:1 is state requirement)


iPads are used to support instruction where appropriate.


7:55 am – 2:55 pm

Extended care available


The California Department of Education requires that children be five by September 1.


May crowning
Teddy Bear Day
Halloween Parade
Generations Day
First-Grade Visit Day
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Student Life