Language Arts

From first through third grade students develop the skills to write paragraphs, use and identify the parts of speech, and learn the writing process. Students begin to use reference materials, practice cursive writing and increase their fluency in written and oral expression.


Students move through addition and subtraction to multiplication and division. In second grade, place value is extended and leads into learning money, and time. By third grade students are working with fractions, areas, measurement and data charts.


In the first through the third grade students are introduced the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. Second graders learn the 10 Commandments and deciphering right from wrong. The third grade explores the Catholic doctrines and teaches justice, respect, and human dignity.


Elementary science introduces students to the scientific process of asking questions, making observations and predictions, and performing experiments. Students study the earth, plants, weather, motion and life cycles.

Social Science

The elementary years provide the foundations for understanding government, laws and society. Students learn maps, the meaning of urban, suburban and rural environments. The foundation of economics are laid with the roles of consumers, producers and money exchange.

Foreign language (Spanish)

Spanish instruction includes learning the fundamental vocabulary of daily life and the needed verbs and grammar to write paragraphs and share information about a child’s family and daily life.


An hour of formal art instruction is part of the curriculum. Art is used to support the curriculum in all subjects. Our classroom teachers collaborate with our art teacher to create cross curriculum art projects.

Physical Education

PE class is held twice a week with our credentialed instructor who teaches the fundamentals of throwing, catching, striking an object, balance and managing the body in motion. In third grade, the concepts of offense and defense and game strategy are introduced. PE teaches cooperation and the need for fuel and water to support the body.


A formal music lesson is provided twice a week by our music teacher who introduces instruments, beat, vocals and more. Songs from various cultures and traditions are performed. The third grade learns to write music, read notes and to play the recorder.

Field Trips

Every grade takes at least two field trips. Field trips support classroom learning. Some examples in the first through third grade years include:
Gilroy Gardens
Monterey Bay Aquarium
Mission San Juan Bautista

Service Learning

Service learning in the early years focuses on civic and environmental responsibilities. Students support recycling efforts, create packages for our veterans and support food drives. They write letters to support the underserved and make sandwiches for a transitional living community center. To learn more click the student life button.

Student Life

7:55 am – 2:55 pm 

Extended care available


Each classroom is staffed by a full-time teacher and a part-time aide

25 to 30 children per classroom (max capacity of 36)

1:15 ratio


iPads are used to supplement learning  

Computers are available for the beginning of keyboard and word processing


We are a family at Saint Simon.  When we say we are partners in your child’s education we put those words into action by providing a variety of opportunities for you to participate in our classrooms, in our community and in the direction of our school.  You will receive information on events in our classrooms, Parish and our School Community Council for you to participate in. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us to share your talents.


All of our students are given the opportunity to lead in various ways.  Each class is in charge of a Mass and students are asked to participate in reading and serving.  The classrooms have jobs and responsibilities that require stepping into leadership. Classrooms also  have ambassadors that greet visitors or host new students. To learn more click here

Student Life

Example special events and enrichment activities include:  

First grade/eighth grade buddies

First Communion 

The Wax Museum