From Preschool through 8th Grade, our curriculum follows the California Standards which includes:

Language Arts
Religion (Diocese of San Jose Curriculum)
Science (Next Generation Science Standards)
Social Science
Physical Education


Our classrooms are set up for collaborative learning. We have state of the art technology to allow shared project creation when appropriate. Our mobile furniture enables the movement into groups and circles for sharing. Our students are being prepared for a world where information and ideas are fluid and diverse talents create better outcomes. Our classrooms support the belief that together we come to better solutions. Our world-class science lab and living gardens support the Next Generation Science curriculum and enable hands-on learning. The large and bright gymnasium is home to our athletic teams and a place for many community events. We are blessed to be part of Saint Simon Parish and attend Mass in the beautiful church.


Our reading specialist supports our K-4 grade students who need assistance in mastering reading. Our counselor supports the social-emotional needs of our students and families one on one where needed and engages in our classrooms for topical discussions and activities. Our librarian introduces our preschool to third graders to the world of books and is a resource for our older students.


Our educational philosophy is that technology supports learning and is to be used when it aides the educational process. Our classrooms are internet enabled and have state of the art technology. Each classroom has a set of iPads and/or laptops for every student. Our internet usage is monitored and limited as needed to ensure appropriate usage.


Our students and parents are able to communicate, get needed information, access documents, and use learning platforms through a suite of tools in Schoology. These tools create ease for volunteering, registering for events, signing up for sports and viewing academics. The online system creates transparency and efficiency for our community.