Saint Simon Parish School is committed to educating the mind, body and spirit of each child in a structured and loving environment grounded in Catholic values. Our experienced teachers are passionate about engaging students in a life-long love of learning, and offering a full range of learning opportunities to help them discover their talents and stretch their minds. Service projects and enrichment opportunities round out the education to prepare children to serve the world.

Distance Learning

Saint Simon implemented distance learning on March 19, 2020, to respond to the COV 19 crisis. Students were given all the books, technology, and needed supplies including some musical instruments and art supplies. The standard daily schedule includes all of our courses, including morning assembly, announcements, and scheduled breaks. The kindergarten through second-grade teachers are using SeeSaw as the platform to deliver content in prerecorded lessons and second grade has weekly Zoom class meetings and periodic small group check-ins. The enrichment teachers and reading specialists also record and load their content for music, art, library, PE, Spanish. The 3rd - 8th-grade teachers are using Google Classroom and Zoom to instruct on a standard schedule from 9 am to 2 pm with PE following until 2:45 pm.

We follow Common Core

From Preschool through 8th Grade, our curriculum which follows the Common Core, includes:

Language arts
Social Studies
Physical Education

Classrooms and Facilities

Our classrooms are set up for collaborative learning. We have state of the art technology to allow shared project creation when appropriate. Our mobile furniture enables the movement into groups and circles for sharing. Our students are being prepared for a world where information and ideas are fluid and diverse talents create better outcomes. Our classrooms support the belief that together we come to better solutions. Our state of the art science labs and living gardens support our Next Generation Science curriculum and provide hands-on learning. Our large gymnasium provides a place for sports competitions, P.E. and community-wide events. We are blessed to be part of Saint Simon Parish and celebrate Mass in the beautiful church.


Our educational philosophy is that technology supports learning and is to be used when it aides the educational process. Our classrooms are internet enabled and have state of the art technology. Each classroom has a set of I pads and/laptops for every student. Our internet usage is monitored and limited as needed to ensure appropriate usage.

Resource Teachers

Our reading specialist supports our K-3 grade students who need assistance in mastering reading.

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