Schoolwide Learning Expectations

How is the educational experience we provide special? In addition to excellence in academics, our teachers and administration weave Catholic teachings and values into the classroom, recess and extracurricular activities. We have distilled our core beliefs into six key values that reflect who we are as Saint Simon Saints. They provide the foundation for all we do at Saint Simon Parish School.

Our school wide learning expectations reflect our values as Saint Simon S.A.I.N.T.S. We are Spiritual, Academically Prepared, Inquisitive, Neighborly, Trustworthy and Strong!

Students will…

  • embrace their faith in Jesus through prayer, worship, and action

  • possess an understanding of the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church

  • display a love for life

Students will…

  • demonstrate a desire to achieve

  • use effective study skills

  • exercise critical thinking skills

  • communicate effectively

Students will…

  • are intellectually curious

  • have a desire for lifelong learning

Students will…

  • be kind, respectful, compassionate, and just

  • respond to the needs of each other, the community, and the world

Students will…

  • accept responsibility for their actions

  • work cooperatively with others

Students will…

  • face challenges with determination, perseverance, and inner strength

  • take a stand for what is right and just