Our History

More Than 60 Years of Academic Excellence

Saint Simon Parish School is a Catholic school located in the heart of Silicon Valley. Originally situated on an apricot orchard, the school was founded in 1961. The pastor, Fr. Spooncer, observed a growing number of young families in the Parish and partnered with the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM) to create Saint Simon Parish School. The school opened its doors with 200 children in first, second and third grade. New classes were added each year until there were two classes of every grade – first through eighth grade.

The IHM community of Sisters has been dedicated to Catholic Education since their founding in 1845. Their philosophy of humility, simplicity, and deep love and respect for each individual soul, was the cornerstone of the education provided by the nuns at Saint Simon Parish School for more than 30 years.

A Tradition of Partnership

When the I.H.M. Sisters moved from St. Simon School in 2003, the Saint Simon Parish pastor invited the Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose to live in St. Simon Convent. Currently, we are blessed to have Dominican Sisters living in the convent, and two Dominican Sisters recently worked at St. Simon School and Parish.

Growing Enrollment and Facilities

As the student population grew from 200 to 500 children, the campus has expanded to meet the needs of students with the addition of a library, a science lab, a gym and dedicated kindergarten classrooms. A team of dedicated parents led by Joe Schram, transformed a rocky pile of dirt into a grassy, multi-use sports field in 1972. In 2015, another major renovation added a stand-alone art room and state-of-the-art science lab. In the past 5 years all eighteen classrooms were updated with Apple TV and Chromecast and fiber internet to enable a cutting edge technology supported education reflective of our Silicon Valley.


Father Spooncer and the first school principal, Mother Miriam Kathleen, I.H.M.


I.H.M. Sisters


Dominican Sisters