Our Mission

At Saint Simon Parish School, we strive to build a welcoming community, grounded in academic excellence, where students are guided by Catholic values, encouraged to discover and develop their talents, and inspired to lead lives of service.

Our Educational Philosophy

Saint Simon Parish School, as a ministry of the Parish, is committed to educating the whole child in a nurturing, student-centered atmosphere. Supported by the framework of our Catholic values, we foster each student’s spiritual, intellectual, emotional, moral, social, and physical growth. As a school and as a community, we are clear about the commitment we have made to educate, inspire, and prepare students to make a difference.

Instill a passion for excellence and provide a challenging, well-rounded education with faculty who inspire children to reach their full potential.
Foster attitudes, values, and actions that reflect our Catholic traditions and the teachings of the Gospel.
Offer opportunities for children to discover and develop their gifts and lead by example.
Engage students and families into full and active participation in the Saint Simon Parish community.
Promote the human dignity of each person.
Inspire a commitment to serving the community and an understanding of the value of helping others.
We recognize that parents are the primary educators of their children and collaborate with parents to fulfill this role. In accordance with each child’s gifts and abilities, we strive to provide students with the environment needed to become children who are Spiritual, Academically prepared, Inquisitive, Neighborly, Trustworthy, and Strong (S.A.I.N.T.S).

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